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It is urgent to strengthen the research and development of the core technology of auto parts in China

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 The "largest" antitrust ticket in history is directly stamped with the soft parts of the parts of the auto industry in China. We often say that China's auto industry is big and not strong, one of the outstanding performance is the dual lack of core components technology and industry. Although China's auto market has been the largest new car market in the world in 5 consecutive years, its annual sales and marketing have exceeded 20 million, but the core parts business of most of the passenger cars is wholly or wholly owned by foreign investors. China's passenger car parts enterprises mostly produce passenger cars such as wheels and steering wheels, which lack of technology.

According to the NDRC, the parts and components involved in the price negotiation are used for more than 20 brands of Honda, TOYOTA, Nissan, SUZUKI, Ford and other brands. The violation lasted for more than 10 years, and the illegal circumstances were serious. It is not difficult to see from a few details, in Chinese car city in the "ten years", a large number of sales of the joint venture brands of domestic cars, according to Chinese and foreign parties surface 50:50 shares than for profits reasonable allocation, is behind the foreign parts enterprises rely on monopoly profit transfer undercurrent reasonable.

An independent brand car enterprise has independently developed an engine plastic intake manifold. The use of this plastic intake manifold can reduce engine weight and improve energy efficiency. In some joint venture automobile manufacturers, because of this plastic intake manifold core intellectual property, procurement channels and pricing by foreign control, the price was set at 1300 yuan, while the independent brand car enterprises developed the production of plastic intake manifold pricing only less than 200 yuan. The car is composed of tens of thousands of parts, put a small example of the intake manifold and Reform Commission today opened an antitrust analysis linking the largest single is not difficult to see that the China automobile industry in order to truly stronger, we must bite breakthroughs in core parts of the development, production of this off. Only by grasping the core technology of independent development and production of parts can we achieve cost control, procurement control, profit flow control, and truly enhance the core competitiveness of our own brand. Otherwise, the annual sales of about 20000000 cars bustling, left to the Chinese Pocket how much profit or by foreign control.

No matter what industry, find out the truth and implement monopoly punishment is not the end point, then should the antitrust focus on system construction of new channels, to completely eliminate the breeding ground of monopoly. Therefore, the relevant departments are working to the automobile industry development policy should be revised, the parts of the antitrust case summed up 10 years before the core components of the passenger car industry a painful lesson, from the height of the top be correct.

The market is not the "fat" of the monopolist

In fact, it is not China's "sentiment" for the Japanese enterprises in China. In the eyes of European and American antitrust authorities, including the above three companies, some Japanese companies are already price monopoly and price alliance "".

In the autumn of 2013, the Justice Department of the United States concluded a judicial transaction with 9 Japanese auto parts manufacturers who were involved in the price Union, and issued a 740 million dollar (1 yuan or 6.14 yuan) fine. Japan's Seiko paid 68 million 200 thousand dollars for the fine. The U. S. Department of justice news shows that these Japanese companies are manipulating more than 30 products, and some price alliances have lasted for more than 10 years.

In March 2014, the European Commission issued antitrust penalties to 4 Japanese companies, such as Japan's Seiko, and 2 European enterprises. The Japanese Seiko was fined 62 million euros (1 euros for about 8.17 yuan), and the more it was punished by 4 million euros. In April, the European Union issued a total of more than 300 million euros in a fine for the ancient river electrician and other Japanese companies suspected of alleged high voltage cable price alliance.

In the fields of automobile and other products, China is now the world's number one market, and it has become the "fat meat" in the eyes of some foreign companies. China antitrust regulators in a timely manner to the foreign "unruly sword", is not only necessary in the maintenance of market order and the interests of consumers, but also the real protection of many foreign companies behave.

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